Why American Aberdeen cattle should be your choice

  • Adapt to a wide range of weather conditions
  • Are well suited for both small acreage and larger operations
  • Are naturally polled
  • Make great mothers
  • Offer superior calving ease when mated to virgin heifers
  • Are docile and are great for senior adults, women, children and those with disabilities
  • Do not require expensive equipment and can be managed with minimal facilities
  • Are perfect for specialty beef operations, including grass finished, all natural and organic
  • Are 100% Angus cattle and offer all the advantages of Angus cattle in a smaller package
  • Are perfect for youth beef projects including the 4H & the FFA organizations
  • Are extremely efficient
    • Fast early growth rate, lower feed costs, smaller mature weights
    • Higher stocking rate than larger breeds and crossbreds
    • Perfectly suited for smaller acreage producers
    • Extremely docile for management ease
    • Angus based genetics for taste, tenderness, and marbling
    • Typically larger rib eyes per 100 lbs of body weight than the larger Angus
    • Highest retail percent of live weight of all breeds
    • More pounds of retail beef per acre
    • Smaller framed, heavily muscled, quality carcass
    • Ideal commercial cattle
    • Marble and grade easily on grass
  • And provide:
    • More Profit
    • More Rib Eye Area (Per 100 lbs. of body weight)
    • More Marbling
    • More Unassisted Births
    • More Live Calves
    • More Enjoyable (For the entire family!)

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